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Agreements consist of mutual cooperation between UFOP and foreign institutions aiming to expand cultural and academic boundaries.
CAINT has a set of policies regarding how an agreement must be formalized by the international universities.
These are the steps towards an agreement:

1 - How to make the first contact?

It must be pointed out that any person interested, whether professor, administrative authorities, researchers or even students can get in touch with CAINT to propose either a specific or a general agreement involving determined areas of knowledge or particular activities. 


2 – Interest

Initially, the institution interested in formalizing an agreement with UFOP must send an official form, such as an e-mail or a letter containing the main goals and interests for both universities.

If the person interested has no specific contact at UFOP and is looking for researchers in a specific field of study, CAINT may give support, suggesting professors who can be their advisors.


3 – Formalization

 An official document must be written, listing the most important points to be considered throughout the duration of the partnership. This document must be approved by CAINT.


4 – Forms

Institutions should jointly define the model of agreement that will be used and signed.


5 – Revision

After reviewing the terms and conditions of the agreement, two copies of the agreement will be sent by one university to the other. This university, on its turn, must sign both documents and send one copy back.


6 – Divulgation

After the above mentioned process is completed, the universities are going to make the opportunities public for undergraduate and graduate programs, accordingly.


7 – Final Procedure

Once the terms have been estabilished between the fellow university and UFOP, the exchange process can be issued by CAINT.

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