Por: Gabriel 

1 - Barroco’s Coxinha:

The best snack you’ll ever eat. A fried patty filled of shredded chicken. The walls are all painted by people that have been there before. A different place to know in our streets.


2 - School of Pharmacy and School of Mines:

School of Pharmacy

School of Mines

The places where the economical history of Minas Gerais changed. Because of them, Minas became one of the most profitable states in Brazil. This universities were the beginning of an intellectual revolution in Brazil.


3 - UFOP’s Observation Deck:


The best observation point of the city historical landscape. Inside the university this observation deck shows most of the historical churches and museums.


4 - Peak Itacolomy:


A close , yet beautiful natural wonder of Ouro Preto. The peak can be seen from all over the city. A great nature park, with also archeological exhibitions and many trails for the more adventurous ones.


5 - Mine of Chico Rei:

A great place to see and feel how was to explore gold during the Brazilian colonization. There you can understand the suffering of the slaves and the richness of the Portuguese crown.


6 - Republican Lifestyle:


The best way to understand how the student life happens in Ouro Preto. It's fun yet intriguing to see how the Republicas work.


7 - Pilar's Cathedral:


The richest and biggest church in Ouro Preto. A great place to see the religious influence in the countryside of our state in the beginning of the colonization.


8 - Museums:


All of them filled with pieces of our history and also many marvelous histories of the past. The past of Brazil and way to its independence is seen in our museums.


9 - Operah House:


Where the culture first installed itself in our state. Many plays take place there every year and also some concerts.


10 - Andorinhas's Park


A great natural park with many waterfalls and great trails to be explored. A lot of places practice climbing, trekking and abseiling.


Summer Course at UFOP

In July, we are going to have at Universidade Federal de Ouro Preto, the first "International Summer Programme".

Come to this amazing place to visit those wonders. Click on here for more informations about our Course.